Below is a list of presentations that will be available at the event! Please read over the available presentations and then fill out the Sign Up Genius linked below, choosing ONE presentation for each slot. A reminder that this event supports the Teacher Store, a one stop shop for all of Richmond City Public School’s teachers and school administrators. Please bring in school supplies as you are able. Donators will be entered into a raffle to win 422 team swag! Scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of eligible items.

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InSource Solutions

Why Manufacturing is Cool - This goal of this presentation is to help middle and high school students see manufacturing as a viable career option. Manufacturing impacts every aspect of our lives. From the food we eat to the security of our country. We are offering a fun and interactive presentation where students learn about manufacturing and have an opportunity to win prizes. We highlight the value of STEM/STEAM education as it pertains to pursuing a career in manufacturing. (Little known fact, manufacturing careers offer some of the highest salaries for individuals with as little as a 6 month Community College technical certification.) At the end of the presentation, students will realize that a career in manufacturing is really cool!

Samantha Blackburn from SIR (formerly the Southeastern Institute of Research)

Exploring the World Through Data - The world is filled with bits of information that can tell you unknown secrets. The trick is knowing how to examine this information so that you can see a story that often goes unnoticed by others. In this presentation, students will learn about the value of data analysis and understand the job of a market researcher. Students will help design a market research survey, participate in the survey, and even analyze the data to generate useful information.


Building the Digital Dominion - CodeVA is working to make Computer Science education relevant in Virginia. Computer science jobs account for nearly $1 billion in state income tax revenues, and the industries supported or created by computer science account for an ever-increasing part of Virginia’s economy. Our students need early education, and parents must be empowered to help their students pursue opportunities in CS fields that now include everything from fine arts to marketing to advanced manufacturing to aerospace and cybersecurity.

The Steward School's Bryan Innovation Lab Sphero Team

Programming with Spheros - The Steward School Middle School students will share what they know about Spheros: a cute, round robot you can program with an iPad app. Students will learn the basics to be able to drive one. Program a Sphero to act like a Magic 8 ball. They will make a Sphero respond to movement with lights and sounds as well as send a Sphero through a maze. Six Steward Middle School students will have four hands-on mini-presentations going at once. Please join us for a bit, or stay for a while!

VCU Spit for Science

Spitting for Science! - Ever wonder how scientists get DNA from cells? Or how genetic differences between people are discovered? Come join us to learn about the basics of DNA, how it's isolated from cells, and how math and science plays an important role in genetic studies. We will also isolate DNA from friendly grocery store vegetables!


Osmo Coding Jam and Piper - This will be a hands-on workshop where students will learn to code using Osmo Coding Jam. Or, they will learn about circuits by building their own game console with Piper.

FRC Team 422

Robotics Experience - Come tour Maggie Walker’s build room where robotics team 422 spends 6 weeks each year building a 150 pound robot from scratch! Learn how we plan and prep for each season with our brainstorming process, get a peek at the tools and machines we use to build each bot, and test your driving skills by driving our robot from this year’s build season!

Mu Alpha Theta

Explorations in Geometry - Students from Mu Alpha Theta will present two activities: "Mobius Strip" and "Tangrams." The session will provide an interactive approach to the basics of geometry including topics such as planes and shapes.


Thanks to our sponsor, Joe’s Inn Bon Air, for providing all presenters and attendees with delicious lunch for the event!


This event supports the Teacher Store, a one stop shop for all of Richmond City Public School’s teachers and school administrators. The purpose of the Teacher Supply Store is to decrease the personal investment teachers make every year to ensure there are enough supplies for students and the classroom.

Please bring in donation items below as you are able. Donors will be entered into a raffle to win 422 team swag!

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